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All you need to do is fill in a form to contact us, if you fill in the Letter of Authorization and fax it (713-358-5448) to us we can obtain your 12 month commercial electric usage history from the utility allowing us to analyze your consumption data and match you with the REP that best suits your needs and objectives!


Why Change Providers:
  • Maximized Savings
  • More Flexible Terms
  • Texas "Price to Beat" Structure
  • Emerging Market Opportunity
  • New Products and Services


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Texas Energy Articles

Lowrance Machine Shop, Inc. Energy Testimonial

I sincerely enjoyed working with Armando Armenta to negotiate my electricity price for the coming year. I was able to receive bids quickly and easily from multiple Retail Electric Providers that catered to industrial customers like Lowrance Machine Shop.

We had previously done a deal with an electric provider on our own but were unaware of many of the hidden costs attached to our rate. Choice Energy Services provided me with a complete overview of my options and linked me to an aggressive provider that saved me money and protected my business against spikes in the market.

Thanks again for helping us with this process.


Chris Lowrance, General Manager

Lowrance Machine Shop, Inc.
Houston, Texas

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