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4 Steps to Save:

All you need to do is fill in a form to contact us, if you fill in the Letter of Authorization and fax it (713-358-5448) to us we can obtain your 12 month commercial electric usage history from the utility allowing us to analyze your consumption data and match you with the REP that best suits your needs and objectives!


Customer Feedback:

"We had previously done a deal with an electric provider on our own but were unaware of many of the hidden costs attached to our rate. Choice Energy Services provided me with a complete overview of my options and linked me to an aggressive provider that saved me money and protected my business against spikes in the market."

Chris Lowrance
General Manager Lowrance Machine Shop, Inc. 
Houston, Texas

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Top 5 Reasons to Change Texas Energy Providers:

Maximized Energy Savings
If you haven't switched yet, you are paying the highest price on the market. The competitive energy market in Texas means that you will have a number of choices for energy providers. As this emerging market unfolds, you can acquire excellent terms and significantly lower prices as new entrants into the market fight to establish market share. 

More Flexible Terms
3 examples of value added terms you could enjoy:

  • Contracts with no consumption bands allowing for retrofit with no penalty for under usage of electricity
  • Flexible addendums that allow adding and deleting of facilities
  • The addition of household to the commercial rate contract.

Texas "Price to Beat" Structure
The “Price-to-Beat” (PTB), is the price determined by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) for the incumbent electric utilities. If your facilities in aggregate have a total load of less than 1 MW in peak demand, and you have chosen to remain with your incumbent utility, it is the rate you are currently paying. It was designed to be the highest rate in the market in order to allow for new providers to enter the market and encourage competition. It is a variable or floating price which is dependent on the cost of fuel used to generate electricity (mostly natural gas), which can be adjusted twice a year. 

Standard Offer Pricing: If your facilities in aggregate have a total load of greater than a 1 MW in peak demand, and you do not elect to choose a competitive supplier, it is the rate you are currently paying. Much like the PTB, Standard Offer Pricing is set by the PUCT, it is the highest rate in the market, and is designed to foster the competitive environment. 

Emerging Market Opportunity
Participation in the deregulated environment will allow your company to capture a competitive advantage. If you don't and your competitor does, you are at a disadvantage. 

The competition created by deregulation and the resultant desire of the various REPs in Texas to sign up new customers, means potentially significant savings opportunities for your business. CHOICE! Energy Services can help to assess the variety of new products, and services available, and determine what makes the most sense for your specific needs. 

New Products and Services
Creative pricing structures - a variety of pricing options that provide you with increased flexibility. New Flexible billing options Custom tailored solutions for specific customers needs.