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What is Texas Electricity Choice?

Did you know you may be one of many in Texas that have the power to choose your electricity provider? Texas Electricity Choice, another way of saying Texas has a deregulated energy market, gives you that right.

Prior to 1995, one electric company managed the generation, transmission and distribution, and retail sales of your electricity. After deregulation, one company provides the transmission and distribution services (local wires company) and another provides the retail sales services (electricity provider).

Deregulation was designed to spark competition between companies so that consumers like yourself could benefit from lower electricity bills, alternative energy choices and innovative services. The Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC) continues to monitor and regulate the delivery of electricity and ensure customers are protected.

Deregulation Gives You Choice in Texas
Deregulation of Texas electricity became official on January 1, 2002. The thought behind a deregulated energy market in Texas is to promote competition among retail electricity providers (REPs), which in turn, spurs competitive pricing.

As a consumer, deregulation means that you have the power to choose your electric company in Texas. You no longer have to go with one company that is assigned to your area of town. Instead you have the opportunity to compare rates, dependability of service and customer service to find the perfect company that fits your needs.

Since the introduction of deregulated electricity, many new providers have stepped into the market, giving you better options when selecting an electric company. In addition, the Texas Public Utilities Commission continues to monitor and regulate the delivery of electricity to ensure all consumers are protected.

History of Deregulation
The deregulation of the Texas electricity market began to break up the monopoly and spur competition between electric companies. It was seen as the perfect plan to give consumers the power of choice as well as lower electricity rates.

Facts About Texas Deregulation
1995: Wholesale utility deregulation goes into effect
1999: Gov. George W. Bush signed Senate Bill 7
2002: Retail electric deregulation is made mandatory
2008: To date, Texas has the largest electric market in the U.S.

Deregulation Benefits
Since the Texas electricity market deregulated in 2002, consumers have reaped the benefits. In fact, deregulation was started with the consumer in mind. It was a chance to give you, the consumer, the power of choice and have electricity companies compete against each other to foster competitive pricing.

Benefits of Deregulated Electricity
You can choose the electric company that best suits your needs
Competitive pricing will give you lower electric bills
You can select from alternative energy products, such as green energy


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